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 I'm having mayor artist block soooooooo~ I'll try to follow some prompts, and fill them with whaterver I can~

1- Heart                   FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/3496.html#cutid1
2- Pain                    FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/10364.html
3- Blood                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/8465.html
4- Perfection            FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/8971.html
5- Olvido                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/18771.html
6- Doubt                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12301.html
7- Conflict                FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12211.html
8-Mascarade            FILLED--------> http://moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12653.html
9- Insecurities

if you have some ideas feel free to suggest!!!