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La mayoría de mis posts de escritura/poesía/etc   fueron desbloqueados como se me pidió, pero no todos, solo un 60%

Mis post personales van a seguir bloqueados de todos modos.

Espero que los disfruten~<3

NOTA: escribo tanto en inglés como en español, si querés que haga una traducción de algunas de las cosas escritas acá al otro idioma, solo tenes que preguntar :D

comment if you want to be added~<3

Well , most of my writing stuff is unlocked as I has been requested, not everything but,  a 60% at least.

my personal post will be keep locked though.
Hope you enjoy~<3


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the Mishapocalypse has arrive!


Tumblr when nuuuut hahahahahahahahah the Mishapocalypse was awesome!
everyone was Misha, well...except for Misha XD


I got a twitter acount and I feel like a creeper now *giggle*
I follow MIsha and Jared, they're so funny!



I thinking of whriting again, but I dunno
got some plot bunnies goin on ~

Mundo Monocromo/Monochrome World

......Sometimes, you should re-read things you wrote, might find something new, or something you haven't noticed before.

Mundo Monocromo

Llueve ahora dentro de mi mente,
Escuchando una canción de cuna mis ojos descansan del color gris del mundo
Porque no quiero olvidar,
dibujo un cuadro y lo cubro de polvo.
Alzo los ojos y canto suave,
las amapolas de un color que no veo, aplauden en silencio...
Porque no quiero oir,
hablo y recito  palabras vacías en tus oídos.
Una mariposa vuela desesperada, egoísta la tomo para mi.
Porque no quiero ver, 
que ahora el agua es nieve y que no hay en mis ojos mas que hielo templado.
Las yemas de mis dedos entumecidas ya no perciben la respiración perenne.
Porque quiero olvidar, 
pinto un cuadro y dejo que el agua se lo lleve...


It rains now inside my mind
hearing a lullaby my eyes rest form the gary world around me
Because I don't want to forget
draw a painting and cover it with dust
Rise my eyes and signing softly
poppies of a colour that I couldn't see,clap in silence...
Because I don't want to hear

I talk and recite empty words in your ears.
A butterfly flys desperately, selfish took it for me.
because I don't want to see,
That now, the water is snow, and threre's not in your eyes more than tempered ice.
my fingertips, numbed, no longer perceive the perenne breath
Because I want to forget
I draw a painting and let the water take it away...


my english is bad, I'll appreciate any corrections~


I forgot I owned this site XD
College got me on my toes.

but I do have a few thingies to post. Most likely posting them tonight.I gotta go~


" Arrugaste el papel de los recuerdos, 
rompiendo una hoja de tu cuaderno,
tiñendo de azul la tarde,
entre gritos de agonia,
los ecos de esa vieja noche duermen,
El olvido lame las heridas
 tratando de quitar la sal endurecida,
regando de sangre tu tierra, 
susurrando en las campanas de esa alba muerta.
Quemando a fuego lento
aquellas memorias perdidas, 
desdibujando siluetas
tiempo atraz concebidas, 
Que las lagrimas no  conseguiran borrar jamás."

extracto y seleccion....

porque me da paja escribir todo :D *baila*


[...] "it will be better 
if I have been a doll,
dolls don't cry, don't feel,
Dolls are always beautiful and perfect" [...]


[...] " I walk one step after another, 
like a rag doll, broken and inexpressive"[...]


[...] "the moon won't shine anymore, 
so tired to even wake up of it's dreamless slumber" [...]


[...]" The night will claim my eyes, 
though the ice inside of me,
my heart will still sleep frozen" [...]

Her Eyes

[...] "should you trust?
They're  only liars,  there is no truth on their eyes..."[...]

Nuevo  aire

[...] " En la mitad entre todo y nada, 
esperando llegar a no sé donde, 
con el frescor de la tarde en  mi espalda,
y el ronroneo del cielo detrás de mi,
avanzo tras el verde perenne,
la humedad continua en el aire" [...]

Questions to myself

[...] "why would you want a heart?
this way no one can broke it"[...]

Kitty of mine

[...] With cute paws over my note book,
 you want the attention only on you,
 your eyes twinkle with mischief,
When I give up and let my pen go,
to scratch your ears[...]


 I'm having mayor artist block soooooooo~ I'll try to follow some prompts, and fill them with whaterver I can~

1- Heart                   FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/3496.html#cutid1
2- Pain                    FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/10364.html
3- Blood                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/8465.html
4- Perfection            FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/8971.html
5- Olvido                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/18771.html
6- Doubt                  FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12301.html
7- Conflict                FILLED--------> moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12211.html
8-Mascarade            FILLED--------> http://moonlesssky.livejournal.com/12653.html
9- Insecurities

if you have some ideas feel free to suggest!!!

Nature of the Dreams #2

                                    The water clogged my lungs, but I feel it like velvet against my throat, softly letting oxigen into my sistema. Darkblue  was everywhere, a weightless world presenting me with it’s  wonders.
Creatures like me  where around, not to close, we liked our own space, but close enough as to feel them  though the vibrations on the water.
Sound amplify and resound like song of spirits long ago alive. As the time pases colour changes and uncover new worlds for us to see and explore.   Deep green to cobalt blue, the waters reveals his mysteries only to us.
The sea ever changing conserve still its spirits and essence, though the millon of voices that emulate its song.

aaaad inglish is bad XD srry for that~